IKA® conical vacuum dryers / mixers, dry mill, conical sieve mill


IKA® Vacuum dryers / mixers



The new IKA Conical Mixer serves for mixing of free flowing solids, whereas the Conical Dryer has been designed for vacuum contact drying of different solvent humid solids. Both can be used to process products with different bulk densities and particle sizes. 


IKA® Dry mill Pilotina

The IKA Pilotina is a dry milling system in pilot plant scale, available in 3 different configurations: cutting, impact or universal mill. The modular design allows an easy modification from impact to cutting mill and vice versa within shortest time.

IKA® conical sieve mill CONIKA

The CONIKA conical sieve mill is the ideal solution for breaking up agglomerates and for grinding the solid material for your process.