CDC Vent Panels

Established in 1965, Continental Disc Corporation is a leading manufacturer of rupture disc (bursting disc) devices for a variety of process industries, including chemical, petrochemical, petroleum refining, pharmaceutical, beverage, food and dairy, aerospace, gases, electronics, and other markets worldwide. Continental Disc Corporation is committed to providing the products, services, and quality you expect from the leading overpressure safety company.

Vent Panels

Characteristics: Continental Disc's vent panels are designed to provide instantaneous overpressure protection for pressurized equipment like dust collectors, driers, silos, spreaders, elevators, air scrubbers, sieves, and other various types of dry, bulk handling and storage equipment. The vent panels are designed to allow a full and immediate opening to minimize structural or mechanical damage that maybe caused by expanded gases, which can result from the deflagration or dust, gases, or mists in equipment, rooms, buildings, or other enclosures.

Dimensions: Rectangular or square: 12“ x 12“ – 44“ x 69“  (300 x 300 mm – 1120 x 1750 mm) ; Round: 10“ – 44“ (250 – 1120 mm) Burst pressure: 1 – 10 psig @ 72°F (0,069 – 0,689 barg @ 22°C) Max. temperature: 450°F (232°C) Operating ratio: up to 55% at flat panes, up to 85% at preformed panels Material: stainless steel 316, TEFLON® Media: gas


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