CREMER product counting

CREMER Product counting can be seen as an alternative to weighing and pick-and-place for a wide variety of products. For products that may individually vary in weight, products that are difficult to separate or for packages that require a guaranteed number of (assorted) products, counting is often the best solution. Output is up to 400* bottles / min depending on the shape and number of products per bottle.




Proven counting machine in retreated design with 1 counting module for tablets and capsules with a capacity of 55 bottles / min. or 5,500 products / min. This machine can be operated as a stand-alone or integrated version in a packaging system. In the "twin design" you can double the performance with the same footprint.

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CREMER HQ-series


The HQ series includes several models for different output capacities. Depending on the type of product and desired output, all HQ models can be delivered as standard machines but can also be designed for custom applications.

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